Born in California, Dianne L. Kittle has traveled the world capturing moments, hidden from many, to share with those seeking the importance of life - joy, connection, and mystery; messages sent to us from seemingly nowhere. Kittle believes these moments are opportunities for expansion in creative thinking resulting in images that touch the soul. The photographs Kittle creates, serve as anchor points in influencing a deeper understanding of humanity and consciousness that makes our world a better place. A photograph for Kittle is about a feeling rather than a document of what is in front of the camera. Eliminating details, showing the essence of a subject, and leaving room for questions or to evoke a feeling are how she creates her poetic images.

Creative image making for Kittle began after several moves that included Sweden, Australia, and Thailand - all of which had a profound impact on her vision for finding what she considers jewels. She used her vision and skill to create a looking glass into a world of day dreams and positive energy. 

In 1978, Kittle traveled to New Zealand and Australia to meet her grandmother’s family.   Kittle began creating images that symbolized a tranquil world of joy and mystery. It was connection in a click that sent her into a world of absolute stillness. “I held those moments for years to come, always going back, and finding them in different places”. Observing in silence and absorbed with complete passion and heightened awareness, a new reality started to grow in Kittle.  It became clear that the only way to save and share these moments were with a camera. 

Currently she teaches fine art nature photography at the Chicago Botanic Garden.